One Hundred Days Fulfilment, Order Links & Tracklist

Over the past few weeks I’ve received so many great messages about the Architects’ film and wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for their feedback. I can’t count the number of tweets I’ve received and they’re still coming through on a daily basis.

As with most huge projects there was a time deep in post-production that I worried the final product would never become reality, so it’s incredible to see excited photos of DVDs & Blu-Ray’s being received in post, opened & played. I’ve been on tour for the last month so ironically was probably one of the last people to receive a physical disc, but it gives me great satisfacton to have these in my hands.


That about wraps this project up over a year since I started shooting it. The physical discs & issues we encountered during manufacture put the project back a few months but in hindsight it’s worth it for the joy they’ve brought everyone.


Unfortunately we had some issues with playback of Blu-Rays in the USA/Canada. We were told by our manufacture from the start of the process that these would be region free and play anywhere in the world but it seems that isn’t the case. If you’re having an issue please email to sort a replacement copy.

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign then I’m happy to share the links where you can buy physical & digital copies today:


Worldwide Digital Download

Blu Ray – Impericon
DVD – Impericon
[The discs on Impericon actually sold out in the first 24hrs but there are more being manufactured!]

Australian Pre-Order DVD & Blu-Ray

If you’re new to the blog & interested I posted pretty extensive BTS updates from the tour last year, check them all out here…


There’s been numerous song requests from the film so here’s the full tracklist. Please do support the artists where you can as they very kindly donated their music. There’s some really great songs in there I think you’ll agree.

Rolo Tomassi ‘Illuminiare’ (65daysofstatic remix)

Milwalkie ‘Silence and Violence, Peaches and Tyrants’

Case Work ‘With You’

Architects ‘Behind The Throne’

Architects ‘Alpha Omega’

Sights & Sounds ‘Sorrows’

Wayphaser ‘Static Breath’

Immanu el ‘On Wide Shoulders’

Rolo Tomassi ‘Ex Luna Scientia’

Worship ‘The Midnight Sun’

Architects ‘Truth, Be Told’

Rolo Tomassi ‘Illuminiare’

Milwalkie ‘Inspired, OK’

Break Even ‘Hells Gates’

Milwalkie ‘You’re Late’

Break Even ‘Trouble Maker’

Sights & Sounds ‘The Clutter’

Architects ‘Feather Of Lead’

Architects ‘Devil’s Island’

ef ‘I am Responsible’

Architects ‘Unbeliever’

Architects ‘Up & Away’

A huge huge thankyou for everyone that was a part of the project, particularly the band, friends that help shoot shows and everyone that made the Indiegogo happen. It’s been a real labour of love but absolutely worth it to see everyones reaction.

– Tom

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