One Hundred Days Delivery Update

I’ve said it before but I’ll make a point of it again, a huge thanks to everyone who pledged their support in our Indiegogo for the release of One Hundred Days. I didn’t expect it to do so well, and I (still) regularly get comments about the trailer, so thankyou for that.

Short Answer: Post-production is done. Disc manufacturing is currently underway, we are aiming to deliver digital & physical copies to you in approx 3 weeks.

Long Answer:

Some people who’ve purchased a copy have asked myself/the band when they’re going to get it – and rightly so. The band posted a little update but I’ve been hesitant to add to it until we had more details. We are indeed behind schedule with the release; although we had the premiere in June there have been some delays tying up the final tweaks of the edit, audio mix, DVD/Blu-Ray extra content and physical artwork, all of which I’m responsible for. In a nutshell, the project was more work than any of us anticipated and I’ve not been able to afford the time to finish it to the schedule hoped.

The logistics of a project this size mean hard drives full of data and a very complex edit file (the Premiere project is nearly 1.5GB) resulting in very long export times, and the subsequent online upload & review procedure. As myself and the band agreed on final tweaks, I would spend a day editing followed by (commonly) an 18hr export session, resulting in a 3GB file which would take 24-48hrs to upload. The band were on Warped Tour at this time, so decent internet connections were rare, nevermind with enough bandwidth to download even a low-res file. This would often result in a week or so between edit revisions. July passed very quickly in terms of the project timeline.

There’s much debate online about crowdfunding and it’s project’s end realisation… I follow camera tech projects quite closely and it’s very common for backers to be waiting longer than expected due to manufacturing complications & design revisions (This isn’t an excuse!). Whilst crowdfunding enables ‘regular’ people with a good idea to generate funding to make that a reality, there is no guarantee that person has what it takes to make that product commercially viable. This generalisation ranges widely between projects – for music/film releases it’s much simpler, but there is still a novice factor somewhere along the way. Personally, I’ve only released one project on DVD before and I was not responsible for manufacturing. In the past the band have had a record label to organise the production of such items. We are all new to this, and despite our best efforts we’ve had hiccups in it’s course. That’s the nature of crowdfunding – whilst it’s incredibly liberating, there is also no absolute guarantee if & when the final product will arrive. It’s not like ordering a film from Amazon, but it’s a lot more fun… I hope!

(I just saw this online yesterday & it made me laugh…)

In particular the Blu-Ray has been an absolute nightmare to wrap up. It’s a format neither Apple or Microsoft support, so getting the necessary applications (nevermind reliable ones!) to create and review projects is difficult. Coupled with Adobe’s lack of Encore support or continuation of it into their latest CC range, the physical products have put an extra delay on the whole process. Doing it solely digital would’ve been much easier, alas, it’d be unfair to release the digital version weeks ahead of the physicals.

Operating predominantly as a one man operation I’ve also had to fulfil other work commitments through the year, which have meant there are delays in the edit process. Without an unlimited post budget I’ve had to work on other projects, I daren’t even calculate the hours in the movie edit! It does baffle me how it’s taken so long to see fruition in a physical/digital project available. Lesson learned – never underestimate post-production!

So where are we now?


Manufacturing of the DVD & Blu-Ray disc is currently in process, in that the factories have the master copies in their possession. The reproductions will be delivered to us in (hopefully) around 2 weeks, we are hoping to deliver physical copies to you in approx 3 weeks (None European order may take slightly longer).. As ever, this is subject to change, but please know we are almost there with it all.

UPDATE 6/9/2013: We have had a further delay with the Blu-Ray manufacture, and are having to author new disc files early next week. Believe me, we are doing everything we can do sort this ASAP, the Blu-Ray is a huge headache.

Some of you have already received your additional items (t-shirts etc) in the past couple of weeks. To keep track of shipment of these keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page or email 100daysinfo@gmail.com

Once again, thanks for all your support of the project. It’s a year to the day since I flew to China to join Architects on the tour, so I’m very happy to be shortly signing off on this project and seeing it reach your hands & screens.

– Tom


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