Crowdfunding the ‘One Hundred Days’ Film Release


When Architects first approached me about the World Tour Film project – and even through the earlier stages of production, we didn’t have a concrete plan for release or the finer details of the deliverables. All we knew is we were producing a film of the tour, and we’d tackle the release logistics later on. [If you’re new to the project, check out all the production blogs here!]

Retail in the music industry in is a strange place in 2013. The continuing push towards digital has only been furthered by the demise of physical retail on the UK’s high streets, leaving us in an interesting position for the project. Coupled with the band’s contract ending with Century Media – there were numerous avenues we could take. As attractive as a self-release is, we didn’t have the distribution or manufacturing abilities without a label behind the project.

I’ve been watching crowdfunding project for a few years now – first discovering kickstarter & indiegogo when I was more focused on web production in the past. It’s always been something that’s hugely interested me & I’ve been waiting for a project that’s right for it.

I think crowdfunding is huge for the music industry. Most attractive is the direct connection between fans & artists. After working in the industry for a few years, I can attest that often band’s who are on ‘major’ labels & appear very succesful, often earn very little money themselves. You could say that’s the trade off to tour & live the life they do – but that’s probably another blog post altogether! Sadly much of the public are unwise to how the industry operates financially – Youtube hits & Facebook likes don’t equal paycheques for band members, neither do iTunes purchases much of the time.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pledgemusic, whatever the service – for the right band, often established ones with existing fanbases, allows the opportunity to inject finances into projects that would not otherwise be made possible and proves a much more self-satisfactory and beneficial method, for the band and the fans. Architects did a great job of explaining this in the Indiegogo pitch video we shot, so check that out if you haven’t seen it…

‘One Hundred Days’ is slightly different to many other music crowdfunded campaigns – in the sense that the production has been largely completed already. We are predominantly using the campaign as a pre-order system, to fund the costly physical manufacturing & distribution of the release, in addition to offering further perks to those fans who wish to contribute more to the project & cover additional production costs.

When we launched the trailer last month, I was honestly blown away by the reaction. I received so many messages, emails, tweets, texts on that day from friends and strangers and found it incredibly humbling. I was very busy with the You Me At Six tour so I haven’t had a chance to write/blog properly about the campaign, so I’m finally doing it now. Thankyou all for such a warm reception, I’d stared at the edit of it for (literally) months before and had lost sight of my work on it a fair bit.


As I write this our Indiegogo campaign has reached 93% of it’s funding goal! Incredible, over 2100 people! Thankyou all so so much for being part of the project. It’s so much more rewarding to be releasing it this way than handing it off to a label & I can’t thank Architects for keeping me as closely involved as I have been. Also quite staggering is that 6 of you have purchased the ‘Lesson with Tom Welsh’ perk, hope you will find it interesting and I can help you with whatever you want to learn!

As a bonus I just put up a little shot-by-shot on the Youtube channel It’s a bit camera-techy but the kind of thing I like to look at online so hope some of you will find it interesting…

Again, a huge thanks for everyone that’s contributed/pre-ordered the film & can’t wait to meet some of you at the premiere in Brighton next month. Please let me know in the comments if that’s you!


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