Instant Summer Vision VHS Infomercial

We just released our new (and quite frankly ridiculous) Tens video for our Summer 2015 range. Presenting ‘Instant Summer Vision’ VHS Informercial…

Instead of blabbering on myself it’s easiest if I just past this interview I did with Adweek(!!!) about the piece.



For sunglasses company Tens, making an eye-catching ad was imperative. But in a world of sleek and sexy ads all looking to break through, how do you stand out? You go analog.

Tens, a six-person Scottish company whose sunglasses have special lenses to make the
world look like a Polaroid picture, transports us to the land of ’80s infomercials in the spot below. Shot on both digital and analog cameras (the company nabbed an old-school VHS camera on eBay for $20)—with a ton of work done in post—the ad plays on people’s love of nostalgia, wavy VHS lines and all.

“If you’re an older brand that has this kind of heritage, you couldn’t just go out and make something like this. It would be too much in contrast to the brand,” Tom Welsh, Tens co-founder and the director of the ad, told Adweek.

“This ad fits into our brand ideology. Our sunglass lense makes everything feel nostalgic, and we wanted to use that thinking in our advertising and branding ethos.”

Here’s a recap on some of the press we received this week!





BTS Insta Edit:

A video posted by Tom Welsh (@getdeluxe) on

I wrote a longer piece on the Tens Exposure about why we went to Fuerteventura and everyone involved with the shoot – but wanted to focus quickly on the more technical side of things. Here is all the equipment we took with us for a week (3 days location scouting, 3 days shooting) in Fuerteventura…


Key items:

– Sony FS7
– Sony FS700
– Sony A7S
– Panasonic VHS-C
– GoPro HERO 4 & 3

– Pentax 67
– Bronica RF645
– Hasselblad X-Pan
– Canon 5D3
– Canon 6D
– Fuji Instax
– Yashica T4

– DJI Phantom 2
– Ikelite 5D Underwater Housing

More film, lenses, batteries & accesories than any normal humans could use for a 3 day shoot!

I got pretty addicted to flying that Phantom…


Fuertventura is a spectacular place visually – here are some of my iPhone photos (as I have nowhere else to put them…)





This picture depicts exactly what I didn’t do all week. Whilst a week in the Canary Islands shooting a fashion campaign sounds glamorous to most…  we had a team of just 3 in charge of direction, talent, locations, production, camera, catering, driving… well, basically everything. It was a week of 18hr + days, little/crap food, sunburn and general exhaustion but worth the reward. It’s a completely different spirit on a shoot with my friends behind the actual company, rather than an agency – every move matters and potentially ripples across the rest of the campaign. If we don’t get the shots of a certain framestyle, the sales of that framestyle are jeopardised for the year, and that effects everything! Though, it’s a great problem to have 🙂


With our favourite film enthusiast key to the campaign, we let Giles loose on shooting 35mm & 120mm. We used UK Film Lab for the process & scans and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.




huge thanks to our crew Giles, Terri & Gillian and everyone at Colours Agency.

Make sure you check out tens.co/lookbook!

I guess we better start working on our next one…